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Vertical Gardens

Boring walls can be transformed into eye-catching masterpieces with a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are gardens that exist on a vertical surface. They are made using panels of plants that are watered with hydroponic systems on structures that can be attached to the walls or standing alone. These gardens are also known as living walls, green walls or eco walls.

The walls are composed of different kinds of plants and can live outdoors or indoors. At Green and Flowers Designs we specialized in designing, building and maintaining beautiful vertical gardens for indoor and outdoor spaces.




The necessity of increasing the level of closeness between people and nature stimulated the invention of “Cuadros Vivos.” These “Cuadros Vivos” are considered Living Art. Just as you would hang up a portrait to enhance a space, you now have the option to hang a living art piece. The piece is about the size of a painting, and varies in design depending on your taste and plant preference.

If you are looking to start decorating with vertical gardens, you might consider starting Living Art in the form of a “Cuadro Vivo.” “Cuadros Vivos” are friendly systems that are simple to understand and use. They give people a chance to experience Green Walls on a smaller scale indoors or outdoors.

If you are interested in a Cuadro Vivo please feel free to contact us at any time.




Some advantages of the Vertical Gardens

  Improved air quality since living walls are made up of plants which emit O2
  Building protection: The exteriors of buildings are under sun and water all the time and the vertical garden could protect them
  Reduce energy cost: A green wall located on the exterior of a building helps regulate the energy inside since the sun reflects off of the plants and does not allow the sun’s rays to enter the building


  Reduces noise level
  Increases property value
  Increases general wellbeing because Green Walls can reduce stress, increase concentration, increase productivity, and lower blood pleasure
  Vertical gardens are contemporary additions to design and architecture

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